Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Teeny tiny owls and endangered fish

I am becoming a little addicted to post crossing now.  I have received so many lovely postcards.

Here is what I have sent out this week...

My Austrian post crosser has themes for each month - this month is all things water.  I found a postcard with a wintery scene from my Ladybird collection (see below, keep going, keep going, yep, there it is) and then used some silver wallpaper, stars and blue washy tape to give the envelope an aqua feel.

The photo booth picture is of Big G when she was about one, I think.  I love it because it is such a silly photo!

I know a lot of postcrosser/snail mailers are also stamp junkies and so I always try and stock up on picture stamps when the post office gets them in.  

This month the theme is fish!  Those that are sustainable and endangered.  Fish really gross me out...I don't mind eating them (heads off) but I can't bear the look of them, any of them.  So its fair to say that I'm not a particular fan of these stamps. 

I used my lovely swapped Chinese airmail stickers for this lucky lady. 

I am awaiting for some airmail stickers from New Zealand and Japan to come plopping onto my door mat any day soon.  I will post pics when I get them.

All in all a watery theme going on.  


My favourite mail that I received this much thought and effort...I was thrilled.

This little package came all the way from Belarus...the Owl was beautifully crocheted by Anna.  I will do something special with the perching owl. . . watch this space.

Happy mail day to you all.

Claire x

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