Sunday, 21 September 2014

Feathered freebies

I love FreeCycle, Freegle, Gumtree...all the freebie sites!

I have collected a few interesting bits and bobs, 70s A-Zs of London and Manchester (making envelopes and tags), plastic A4 wallets (for Big Gs school work), a deckchair (that was HORRIBLE) and recently...

An Eglu and two hens!

Yes, Susie and Sukie (soon to be renamed) were sophisticated Wimbledon hens, but now they reside at the back of my garden.  Poor chooks!

The black one looks as though it has been through a mangle!  She looks like a nervous wreck.  She is tiny compared to the big white lady!

The white one is, in fact, a little frightening!  She runs after me when I go into the garden, she pecked my big toe yesterday as I was taking the washing off the line.  Gave me a fright!

So far, only little B has been able to touch them.  They won't let me stroke them, let alone pick them up.  Humpf!  

To begin with I gave them free reign of the garden, but the poop!  Oh my the poop!  So now I have relegated them to the grass area only, it is plenty big enough.  

Mr J is adorable..he is not in the slightest bit interested in keeping his opinion, more useless pets.  He also thinks the cats are useless pets too!  But he did a 100 mile round trip to get them for me.   What a guy!

So far we have had four eggs....strangely laid at different times during the day.  Not sure which one is laying but they all look the same, so I am presuming that it is one hen and not both.  Big G is going to make her amazingly amazing berry pancakes for us on Saturday using the eggs.  I can't wait to see if the egg looks any different when she cracks it open.  

Im hoping that the hens will settle down a little bit, we've only had them for 6 days, and each start producing an egg a day...or Mr J will be right, they will be a useless pair!  

I'll keep you updated!

Slightly terrified Claire. x

Friday, 19 September 2014

From A to B

Good morning my lovely blog readers.  

I fear I have have left it too long....I haven't blogged since July.  That wasn't my intention.  My apologies.  

Moving in pressie from dad - keen gardener.

The reason for my absence...we moved house.  I previously typed my blogs from my little house in the heart of South London, but now I do so from the Isle of Thanet!  Its not really an Isle. We are the sticky out bit in Kent.  What a pretty sticky out bit it is....

Children have had to change schools, some more willingly than others!

And as Mr J works....ALOT, all the time, too hard, I have had to do most of the move myself.  Packing up our house, which had 16.5 years worth of stuff in it, and then unpack it all...well I say all; my dads spare bedroom is still full of boxes, as is

Our teeny, tiny living room looked like this for over two weeks!

under my bed, my sisters shed.... our shed....  I did try and have a clear out, but it has become absolutely apparent in this move that I cannot throw anything out!  And neither can Mr J.  This does not make a good combination!

This is the showy off part of the blog....(ooohhhhh)

We thought we had found a bell... it wasn't.  It was part of a car.  So a morbid find rather than, as Middle B thought, a bell that was BOUND to be next to a treasure box full of rubes and diamonds!

Our new home is a 10/15 minute walk to two beautiful beaches, I have a field at the end of my road, my local 'corner shop' is the village  store and post office.  There are donkeys, alpacas and goats to feed in a nearby field too.

This is the sad part of the blog.....(aww)

Big G is not happy...16 is not an ideal age to move, but hey, she will learn to love the area...soon.  

Mr J is staying in London to earn the pennies.  He will come home every other weekend; and when he finishes work early enough, he will come home for the evening.  A huge sacrifice made, especially by Mr J.  I miss him immensely, but we talk all day on the phone, thankfully he has a job where he can natter away to me!

Another house warming pressie - from my lovely mum.

So.... what have I been up to, apart from unpacking? Well i have been giving a few bits of furniture a face lift, will show you all on my next post.

My crochet, and sewing has taken a back seat.  I don't seem to have the time at the moment, as I now have to drive Middle B to school...It seems to take a lot out of my day.  

Pretty flowers on my new kitchen table.  

I have been reading all my favourite blogs and commenting on a few, so glad to hear that you have all enjoyed the glorious summer too.  Maybe we'll all get a bit more creative time now that winter is creeping up on us.  I do love to hibernate in the winter.  Any excuse to curl up on the sofa!

I had to have this little simple and sweet. 

Speak to you all soon

Claire x
Thank you for popping by. It is always lovely to hear your comments, they are read and cherished x
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