Tuesday, 29 April 2014

All sewn up

Isn't this beautiful?! It is my fave ever car boot find. I only paid £6 for this hand stitched double bedspread. I can only aspire to being able to make something so intricate. And to be honest I'm not sure I have the patience! I'm a bit of a wing it person...think I may have mentioned that before.

I finally got around to altering Big G's patchwork quilt.  If you read my first post you will know that she didn't like the patches with the purple ribbon.  I attempted to sew new patches directly on top....not always terribly successfully.  

I did get slightly better as I went along...

Then I got a bit bored and I started to experiment and this was the result...bit bonkers but I like it.  What do you think? 

Its looks wonkier than it actually is in reality... I sewed together three strips of ribbon remnants that I found in my rather disorganised ribbon/lace/ric rac box!

I also found this old and delicate butterfly in the box - my mum gave it to me when I was about 14, she gave me four, I used one to cover a rip in my jeans as a teenager, the others I still have.

I digress..... back to the patchwork disguises! I covered another patch with sweet buttons that I know Miss G likes, 

and another with strawberries.... just because I have been dying to use them on something, anything!  Alas, I forgot to take pictures of that patch.  I will keep you posted... her birthday is only 14 days away now so I really need to finish the quilt and start the two cushions she has also requested!  

Hope you all had an equally productive day too.

Claire x



  1. The quilt you made is gorgeous! I really like the buttons on the last picture too, they are really sweet...I haven't seen any like those before.
    Marianne x

  2. You are very kind Marianne. The buttons are from my Accessorize slippers!! I've bought the same slippers two years running and the buttons fall off about 3 days after purchase - but i don't mind too much because they are lovely and brighten up anything you put them on! x


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