Thursday, 26 June 2014

Fourth of July party decorations

A quick DIY tutorial on how to make some pretty party decorations in case you are having a fourth of July party.  One decoration is deliberate, the other is a freebie bonus!

Here goes:

Get yourself some of these:

And one of these:
My paper trimmer will cut straight and wiggly lines... I chose the wiggly lines.  More fun!

Cut your A4 paper into strips, you'll probably get 10-12 strips from each A4 sheet of paper.

Using your paper trimmer, stamp out your stars equidistance apart (as best you can anyway - mines not perfect - but don't tell anyone).

Then get your double sided tape or glue stick and start to assemble your chain.  The strips represent the strips and the stars, well, the stars!

Position somewhere pretty and keep the star cutouts because you can use them to decorate your party table! 

 Free table confetti!  Not just a pretty face you know!

Happy Forth of July folks
x x x

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