Sunday, 23 November 2014

Easy peasy 3D Christmas cards

Hello lovelies

It is so miserable outside today - pouring with rain, a bit chilly.... what to do?  Get making!

I was inspired to make some Christmas cards by a 'craft at home' article I saw in a supermarket magazine. Using gold card and paper from a very old and scribbled on encyclopaedia, cut out lots of symmetrical tree shapes, glue together and voila you have 3D trees.  I m planning on threading ribbon through them to make a garland.

I then developed the idea further and these were the results!

This time I cut out 3 tree shapes, to make a simpler version.  I am too impatient!  

I used lovely paper from Tiger.  Cheap and gorgeous!

I will add some text to the top of these, but my printer is out of action at the mo.... So I might stamp a message instead, I haven't decided yet. 

Any symmetrical shape will work....

They are very easy to make.  I made some envelopes to match!  

I just used whatever card and envelopes I could find around the home, so they are all a little mismatched but I don't mind that.

Hope you are all warm and dry and enjoying your Sunday too.

Claire x 


  1. Oh i love these Claire ... if we don't get assigned one of the boys xmas cards, one of these will do nicely ... lol ;-)

  2. Thank you Fiona...and noted!!! ��


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