Friday, 19 December 2014

Waste not want not

I bought Mr J some lovely polar bear pjs recently, however upon trying them on they were a little long in the leg!  So I had to adjust I chopped off a couple inches from the legs I HAD A MOMENT OF INSPIRATION!  Oh yes!

I used the off cut to bring new wintery/christmassy life to a dull, 'had it' hand towel!

I unpicked the hem to give myself a bit more fabric to play with and starched it open.

Here is a little pictorial step by step...

Ta-dah!  An old towel has a new lease of life...for a while longer!

That really is it from me today!  I'm off to watch Elf in peace before the little people need collecting from school.

Claire x

Pushing myself to make things that I haven't got a clue how to!

Hello again! Yes three mini posts in one day!  I'm a like a bus! 

Last week I set about making an owl doorstop for a friends daughter.  I googled and looked on pinterest for a relatively easy tutorial.  I couldn't find one that I liked so I set about making my own pattern.  

I'm sure that there is proper pattern paper you can buy, but I got out my trusty greaseproof baking paper and started sketching!  

The front, back, wings and feet were easy, it was the side panel that was the trickiest bit to do.  I wanted the sides to taper in to a point near the top where the ears are located.  

It took me a while to get my head around this bit....and because I had to REALLY CONCENTRATE (!!) I didn't take a single photo of ANY of the steps I took.  All I have is one pic of the finished product!

So here she is!  Pretty isn't she?

I made the wings separately and attached them with a button.  

I almost didn't want to give her to my friend as I was so bloomin pleased with myself!

Reluctantly I did.

I have also designed and made two adorable appliqu├ęd faces!  

I started by cutting out the hairdo's, 

 Gave her some cheeks and bows to keep her hair tidy, 

I then sewed on her hair, 

bows and cheeks...

...and finally hand sewed her eyes and mouth.

I think they are sweet!  I have yet to actually make them into cushion covers... I will show you all the final products when I get around to it.  

I also have a design for a little boy too, but he is still in my head...not yet a reality!

Once again I do love it that you faithfully read my blog, thank you and I wish you all a wonderful Friday.

Kids break up from school today!!!!!!!!!! No more early morning alarms for me for a while...well until Christmas day!

Have a good one.

Claire x

A christmassy garland

Hello again my lovelies,

Do you remember earlier in the month I made a few 3 dimensional christmas trees using gold card and an old book?  No? Well you can have a peek here.  

Today I finally got around to putting them to good use.  

 Please excuse the washing drying in the background!  (Its gotta go somewhere!)

Sorry for the slightly blurry photos, I had to enhance the colour as it is so grey and dark here at the moment, it is difficult to get good shots!

I am pleased with the results.  

I hope you are all finding time to be crafty too!

Thank you so much for reading my ramblings and leaving lovely, encouraging comments too!

Claire x

Jazzing up my wreath

Hello all

Last week I got the decs out and my sad looking wreath.  

I popped into the garden and collected a few bits of foliage, and using the pinecones that I collected in autumn...I got to work! 

I completely winged it....just started sticking bits into the wreath, and hoped for the best.

it turned out ok....and is now hanging on my front door...all pieces still in tact!  

My hands resembled a sieve by the end of it....Holly is very prickily...who would have thought it?!

Thanks for popping by!

Claire x

Thank you for popping by. It is always lovely to hear your comments, they are read and cherished x
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