Monday, 26 May 2014

Bank holiday weekend

Hello to you all.  I hope you have been having a lovely bank holiday weekend.  

Enjoying the garden 

Unusually for our family Mr J was only called into work for 3 hours on Sunday morning - apart from that we have had him home all weekend.  It has been lovely.  

Ignore the lack of green grass!

Things I normally have to enjoy alone, we have enjoyed together.  

On Saturday we went to Broadstairs with Big G and my sister for the day - it was a mixture of heavy down pours and wonderfully warm sunny spells.  

We had fun anyway. 

Yesterday was my brother in law's birthday, so we attended a BBQ held at a friends house.  It was all very strange.  My brother in law and his friends have just started to become parents; so instead of the usual drink up in the pub it was a more civilised garden party...I've only actually met some of his friends in pubs before!

Anyway today (Monday), we had a lazy day lounging around.  

Mr J watched all his favourite telly, Middle B read and occupied himself in his room, Big G got out The Hairy Bikers' Great Curries cookbook and after a quick trip to the shops, she set about filling the house with delicious aromas.  She only asked for my help once - she is proving to be a very capable young lady in the kitchen. 

I spent the day making a few gifts for a friend who has just celebrated her first wedding anniversary and has bought her first house after years of renting.  They moved in last weekend.  All very grown up!  

I made  - (drum roll...)- BUNTING!!  

Sorry - I know, its all I seem to make these days...but nearly every day I have a new idea that starts to form in my mind.  

I can show you confidently knowing that she won't see this - I have only told my family that I have started blogging.  

I then wrapped them sweetly.  

I do hope they will love them.   

I also made this bunting...a friend nearby may be receiving this in the post soon.  

I do love sending happy mail. 

I must go, Big G has called out "can someone lay the table please?"


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Flower Power

Today was one of those days - an accidentally productive day - I didn't intend to go charity shopping, I went straight to the mechanics to chat about my car...but it wasn't open so I popped into (one) of my favourite charity shops to pass the time.

I found these two beauties. The lady behind the counter thought they had been priced much too high and so slashed the price in half! 

Both are Jonelle Duracolour fabrics; this one is called Greensleeves:

This one is Daisy chain.  

This fabric is just so lovely - I couldn't believe my eyes, I rarely find such treasures.

Feeling lucky, I then decided to have a look in my next favourite charity shop. I found this delightful American double flat sheet, 

a lovely hankie,

an array of pillow cases...

and a sweet little tea towel...

Lastly I snapped up this lovely hanger - perfect to hang my new summer dress on! 

...oh happy days! 

When I got home I put together a delicious dinner made from leftovers (had completely forgotten about feeding the family during my shopping spree/car mending adventures) - all in all, I'm feeling just a little bit pleased with myself today! 

I hope you all had a productive day too. 


Friday, 16 May 2014

pastel prettiness

Hello - I have missed blogging this week - it has been a bit hectic my end. 

Big G started her GCSE exams on Monday and turned 16 on Tuesday, Middle B hasn't had a good week and I have not been able to find a spare moment to put a post together...until....this evening.  

A short post - but a post nonetheless.

We were allowed to make a little fuss of Big G on her birthday, so I made some bunting.

 (Really?  More bunting? Yes! I am a bit obsessed with bunting - I haven't exhausted how many different ways one can create/decorate bunting!!) 

 I hope you like.  I found it very therapeutic to make.  I simply love the process of creating with paper, far more than I do with sewing.  

I start out with one idea in my head and then the idea grows and evolves and before you know it I have created something, that, even surprises me!

Big G loved it and it kept me amused for a morning.  Also keeping me sane this week is my new obsession...


I'll explain more about it in another post (I'm aware that I promise this a lot!  I will try and keep to all my much to share - so little free time).  

Here is one of this weeks contributions:
(Photo taken before address and stamps added)

Enjoy the weather and thanks so much for popping by.


Saturday, 10 May 2014

two out of three ain't bad

Hello all,  

I am very chuffed as I now seem to have a few 'regulars' who pop by to read my blog - I'm blown away...thank you!  Keep coming back and I will keep posting my crafty inspirations :0)

I did promise to reveal the results of my Easter Bank Holiday weekend fun - sorry it took so long, don't really know what happened this week - couldn't get my act together at all...still haven't finished one of the three things I was working on so I only have two to show you.

Project Number 1

After finding this sweet wooden hanger at a local jumble sale, it got me thinking..... and before you knew it, I'm rooting around in all the wardrobes looking for wooden hangers to 'prettify'.

Little B2 wanted to get in on the act so after painting his hanger

(a bit of his jeans, t-shirt and my garden table) - he got out the children's art box and set to work - 

he was very pleased with the results.  He painted it a pale green - but pictures are not showing the colour well.  

The tape used is electrical tape - brilliantly cheap to buy from hardware shops and great for little hands as it is not too sticky.  

Here is what I produced.  I used left over paint, did a bit of colour mixing and gave the hangers a couple of coats.

I then used my letter stamps to 'name' each hanger, added a pre-used pretty sticker that Miss G had picked off her mirror that very morning and ta-da!! Here are the results.  I think they are sweet.  What do you think?

Project Number 2

Heart bunting - I gave most of this project away in my previous post - but here is the finished article anyway. I love the mint against the pastel pink - very now, very girlie and very pretty.

I still haven't finished the quilt for Miss G's birthday WHICH IS ON TUESDAY... so next post will be showing off the finished is rather down fall is finishing quilts - putting the back, wadding and front together - not my strong point.  But I did promise I would show my makes and mistakes so I will be brave :0]

Til next time - have a wonderful weekend.

Claire x

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Getting my craft on

I really should wait...

...until I can show you the finished results...

...I lack any willpower (even the smallest amount)... my friends here is a sneaky peak into how I spent my bank holiday weekend...

...hoping to reveal all later this week.

Stay sane my crafty friends.

Claire x
Thank you for popping by. It is always lovely to hear your comments, they are read and cherished x
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