Thursday, 29 January 2015

English/Polish Folk Art DIY

Good afternoon everyone!

I have a little DIY to show off today.  I made my very own version of Wycinanki (Polish paper cutting).  Whilst putting together a Folk Art Pinterest board last week I decided to have a go. 

I have always been fond of Polish Folk Art.  The colours are so vibrant and often Wycinanki is symmetrical; I do like a bit of symmetry.   

If you are not familiar with this wonderfully colourful and intricate form of paper cutting - pop over to my Pinterest board and have a nose if you like.  

I cut out quite a few different shaped flowers and leaves last week, playing around with styles and layering.  

I selected what I thought went well and finally got around to finishing my little work of art today.  Here it is, rather crudely  attached to a glassless frame!  

I am hoping to find a nice frame in a charity shop soon, then I can mount it properly. 

My work is a much simpler version of Wycinanki, I haven't the patience to cut out very intricate designs.  This said I am very happy with it and it looks lovely in my corner of the bedroom.  

Want to have a go?  

This is what you'll need:

- coloured card
- scissors/craft knife (depends on what you feel more comfortable using.  I used scissors.)
- glue

Thats it!  

Thanks for popping by.  See you all soon.

Claire x

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  1. Polish folk arts is beautiful,charming and sign off freshness.Little kids enjoy it joyfully and feel joyfull and happiness.I also like it to.Polish folk arts


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