Monday, 2 February 2015

Tessellation Art DIY

A very good morning to you all.  

I am very excited to show you this very easy DIY today.  

A while back I bought a hexagon hole punch as I wanted to make a hexi quilt.  I bought the wrong size, the hexagons were WAY too small for a quilt.  So it languished in a drawer for months - I found it yesterday and POP!  A DIY was born. 

I already had the frame from a recent trip to Ikea. I used the mount inside the frame as my canvas. You can use any used frame you have, and simply cut a thick piece of white card to the correct size if the mount is not white or a bit grubby!


Frame with mount/thick white card
hexagon shaped hole punch
coloured card
glue stick

So here's how I did it:

- Gathered coloured card in 8 complimentary colours.

- Punched out (approx 100)hexagons.

- I drew a faint pencil line down the centre of my mount - to keep me straight!

- Played around with the arrangement of the colours.  

- When I was happy with how it looked, I took a photo using my phone.

- Using a glue stick and the photograph on my phone I carefully glued all the hexagons into place.  Don't forget to rub out the line  as you go.  

Et voila!  A stunning piece of modern art - for free!

I do hope you enjoyed this DIY and are inspired to make something beautiful for your home too.

Till next time....

Claire x

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