Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Happy New Year Post!

Hello everyone.  

!!!!!!Happy New Year!!!!!!!

I do hope you all had an excellent Christmas time with your loved ones.  We certainly did... it was hectic but lovely.  Unfortunately the day before Mr J was due back at work, I got the lurgies, not quite the flu, but nastier than a cold.  5 days later and I still have it.  So I'm starting this year slowly, very slowly.  It's incredibly annoying as I haven't been able to do any crafty creating at all for the last two weeks... I have LOTS of ideas that are swimming around in my mind, mostly coming to the fore front  when I'm trying to get to sleep or I'm in the shower.  

Am I the only one who has big inspirational moments in the shower???!

 Spring bulbs are everywhere  - gives us hope that the sun hasn't gone forever.

No doubt many of them will stay as ideas, but hopefully some will become 'products'.  

I'm not into New Years rebellious nature won't allow for them.  If i tell myself I must not do something, I have to do it.  I have very little self control or discipline..... sad, but true!  But I also think it enhances my creative side.

I did manage to drag myself to the charity shops in the next town yesterday.  I came away with a few bits and bobs.  

I bought more yellow vintage fabric, and this daffodil side plate by Tupperware - I can't decide if it is completely revolting or just a little bit naff...

My embroidered patchwork quilt might actually happen in 2015...I think I have enough fabric to play with now.  

This side plate is my favourite find - so sweet, girlie, and just happy.  It does not fit in with my blue and white theme - but i couldn't leave it in the shop.  It wanted to live with me - truly! 

I also bought some lovely yellow roses and purple tulips on Monday....some rooms needed a little brightening up once the christmas decs were down.  I'm always so pleased to take them down as they start to annoy me once the festive period is over, but then the house looks sad.  I'm keeping the fairy lights around the arch that leads from the living room to dining room.  I am partial to a twinkly fairy light!

Once I've got rid of these lurgies and have an energy spurt that lasts longer than a sneeze I will be back, hopefully with a creation or two.

Claire x

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