Friday, 3 October 2014

GBBO comes to town

Big G and I had a bit of an exciting afternoon today.  Broadstairs hosts a three day food festival twice a year... we had been planning on popping along at some point over the weekend.  But as it turns out, we hot footed it to the demo tent this very afternoon.  

Why?  What's all the fuss about?  

Well if you have been avidly been following The Great British Bake Off (who hasn't?), then you may recall that Chetna, who sadly got the boot this week, lives in my town!  Very exciting to have a local celeb...a talented, useful local celeb. Ouch!

Oh......I've lost my thread now, as the neighbours just knocked on the door and asked me to keep an eye on their cat...didn't even know they had I had better keep an eye on ALL local tabbys for the next 16 days! festival...oh yes!  Big G follows people on Twitter and apparently that includes Paul Hollywood from GBBO!?! I heard a scream, followed by "Mum, Mum, Paul Hollywood and Chetna are at the food festival right NOW!  We have to go NOW!  Oh my God my hair is a bit greasy, wait for me to get changed, oh my God, oh my God....", it went on!

When we arrived at the foodie area and did a walk-run looking for the demo tent.  We found it, but no Paul or Chetna...panic...  I then spotted some 'security' talking behind the tent, I mouthed "follow me" to Big G and waltzed right past the a bit rubbish (at their job)security people and walked up to Paul Hollywood and said "Hello Paul", "Hi" he grumbled back, looking a bit grumpy.  Not one to be deterred easily, I informed him that my daughter was a massive fan and would he mind if she had her photo taken with him. He stopped cleaning his motorbike helmet and posed.....not smiling, but posed non-the-less.  

Chetna, on the other hand, was very smiley and just as gorgeous and sweetly mannered as she is on the telly box.  

Big G was absolutely delighted and immediately started forwarding the photos onto her friends, and previous food-tech teacher, who has a massive crush on Mr Hollywood!    

We then wandered around sampling lovely juices, ciders, virgin olive oils, cakes etc.. we bought a few bits and promptly ate them in the car on the way home.  (Shhh don't tell the others!)

A yummy afternoon...I'm going back tomorrow afternoon.  Tomorrow morning however has been put aside for a church jumble... hopefully I'll be staggering home laden with super cheap goodies...hopefully.

Apologies for the text heavy post, it was too crowded to take any decent photos.

Claire x

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