Thursday, 2 October 2014

Finding my feet

Hello my dears

The past two weeks have been about finding my feet.  I stumbled across a knit and natter evening in a lovely teeny weeny pub in Ramsgate.  

John plays his 78s whist we knit, or in my case, crochet away over a glass of wine.

That is a dog buried between my legs...not mine, he came along whilst his owner sat knitting him a wolly coat for the winter!  He decided that the sofa and my legs were where he would wait it out!

As you can see my ENORMOUS blanket is coming along.  I just chained along until I couldn't face doing any more and as a result, the blanket is ridiculously wide!  Should be finished by next winter!

All the ladies there were so welcoming, and so talented!  My one stitch won't cut the mustard for long!

I have actually run out of wool and in the absence of any crochet to do this evening I'm bringing along my diamond patchwork quilt that I'm also working on...sporadically, and slowly.

I have been also been deciding on wallpapers, you can see a strip in the living room photo that I have chosen.  Very pretty - even Mr J has given his seal of approval.  

I have chosen this wallpaper for the dining room...and then found an adorable clock to match! What are the chances?!  I have a big strip of it washi taped to my dining room wall at the moment with the clock in the centre of it.  Looks a bit bonkers; this particular wall is turning into a bit of mood board/try it out wall/see how I feel about it a week later wall.   

A friendly neighbour invited me to her MacMillan coffee morning last week so I popped along to that with my mum and sister...she had a beautiful garden.  I love the use of the ladder as a prop.  

I found this biscuit tin in TKMAXX...had to have it...

...and finally I have been enjoying having a mantel piece to decorate!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the unfriendly hens we have adopted have been named... Barbara and Chocolate.

Barbara is still chasing me around the garden and chocolate still looks as though she may die of 'her nervous' at any moment.

I don't think we'll ever be friends... they tolerate me because they feed me... sometimes I get the same vibes off my children!

Til next time...

...Claire x

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