Friday, 18 July 2014

GIVEAWAY - Oooh exciting!

Hello my lovely friends

Today I am happy, very happy.  Why?  I shall tell you... I started my blog three months because I discovered crafty blogs and thought 'ooh that sounds like a fun way to show off my makes!' Three months later and I have had over 1000 page views...and they aren't all from lovely Fiona in Ireland or Heather at My Little Red Suitcase!

Now I know that this is a drop in the ocean to those who have bigger, better and far lovelier blogs, but I was delighted.

My little blog has reached audiences as far as Russia, Japan, Canada, Finland and Germany plus many more.

I know I don't blog very regularly - I barely get the time to get my sewing machine out, let alone take, edit and post photos!  The summer holidays are looming and so is a house move...  so I may be a bit sporadic for the next couple of months but then i'm going to get 'on it'!!  Hopefully...fingers crossed.


Sorry I'm a bit nervous about this bit...

To celebrate reaching ONE THOUSAND page views (1137 to date) I'm giving away this:

I blog about my love and adoration for bunting all the time and so what else am I going to give away but BUNTING! 

This bunting would brighten up any little girls room, craft room, kitchen shelf, bathroom, the list is endless...  

So If you'd like to win this one off fabulous bunting lovingly designed and made by my fair hands you have to do the following:

1.  Leave a comment and tell me WHY you would like the bunting.

2.  Follow me on BLOGLOVIN or INSTAGRAM.
    Gotta get my blog out there!

3.  Cross your fingers and toes.

I will leave the giveaway open for two weeks me thinks, then I will write all the names down (that qualify), pop them into a hat and pick one at random.

I am happy to post to anywhere in the world.  So do not let your destination stop you from entering.  (Bunting will be ironed before being sent to the lucky winner!!)

CLOSING DATE 1st August 2014.  I will announce the winner later that week!

Good luck. x


  1. Hi Claire, of course I'd like to enter your give-away! I think it would make a sweet summer present. That's a lovely piece of binding you used there. I'm not on instagram!....fingers and toes crossed. X

    1. Consider yourself entered Heather. x

  2. Ooh can I enter too :-) would love the bunting for DD's room as she has only become slightly girlie over past month or so (I admit I do stress the slightly!) & I think this would be so cute & perfect for her! X

    1. Fiona, your name will also be going in the hat. x


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