Thursday, 31 July 2014


Late on the eve of Middle B's first birthday I decided to make a 'quick' bunting spelling HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  Quick it was not.... HOURS later and without a pair of pinking shears or adequate time I produced this:  

I was reasonably pleased with it at the time.  I'm never delighted with anything I make.  I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my sewing projects but I never plan them properly so they will never be perfect or quite turn out how I envisaged them to.  

I used quite a few Cath Kidston fabric samples that I had requested, retro football themed fabric that I was gifted years ago, several fabrics that I had left over from a pram quilt that I had made Middle B and fabric from a shirt that he owned.  I still have the remnants of that shirt... 

I had always planned at some point in the future to properly attach the string, as I had only tacked it on at the time... and I also wanted to tidy it up.  but 10 years later it is still going is a bit wispy around the edges but it now hangs proudly at every family birthday, young or old, boy or girl.  I love it.  I love looking at the fabrics and remembering how I came across them.

Every time I hang it up I feel H-A-P-PY!

Before I say ta ta for last reminder.  Giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight.  Click on the Giveaway post and follow the instructions to find out how to win this beautiful hearts and buttons bunting.

Much love 

Claire x 

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