Saturday, 10 May 2014

two out of three ain't bad

Hello all,  

I am very chuffed as I now seem to have a few 'regulars' who pop by to read my blog - I'm blown away...thank you!  Keep coming back and I will keep posting my crafty inspirations :0)

I did promise to reveal the results of my Easter Bank Holiday weekend fun - sorry it took so long, don't really know what happened this week - couldn't get my act together at all...still haven't finished one of the three things I was working on so I only have two to show you.

Project Number 1

After finding this sweet wooden hanger at a local jumble sale, it got me thinking..... and before you knew it, I'm rooting around in all the wardrobes looking for wooden hangers to 'prettify'.

Little B2 wanted to get in on the act so after painting his hanger

(a bit of his jeans, t-shirt and my garden table) - he got out the children's art box and set to work - 

he was very pleased with the results.  He painted it a pale green - but pictures are not showing the colour well.  

The tape used is electrical tape - brilliantly cheap to buy from hardware shops and great for little hands as it is not too sticky.  

Here is what I produced.  I used left over paint, did a bit of colour mixing and gave the hangers a couple of coats.

I then used my letter stamps to 'name' each hanger, added a pre-used pretty sticker that Miss G had picked off her mirror that very morning and ta-da!! Here are the results.  I think they are sweet.  What do you think?

Project Number 2

Heart bunting - I gave most of this project away in my previous post - but here is the finished article anyway. I love the mint against the pastel pink - very now, very girlie and very pretty.

I still haven't finished the quilt for Miss G's birthday WHICH IS ON TUESDAY... so next post will be showing off the finished is rather down fall is finishing quilts - putting the back, wadding and front together - not my strong point.  But I did promise I would show my makes and mistakes so I will be brave :0]

Til next time - have a wonderful weekend.

Claire x

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  1. Love the ideas for decorating wooden hangers! The painted ones with added words are such a fun idea!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox


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