Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Flower Power

Today was one of those days - an accidentally productive day - I didn't intend to go charity shopping, I went straight to the mechanics to chat about my car...but it wasn't open so I popped into (one) of my favourite charity shops to pass the time.

I found these two beauties. The lady behind the counter thought they had been priced much too high and so slashed the price in half! 

Both are Jonelle Duracolour fabrics; this one is called Greensleeves:

This one is Daisy chain.  

This fabric is just so lovely - I couldn't believe my eyes, I rarely find such treasures.

Feeling lucky, I then decided to have a look in my next favourite charity shop. I found this delightful American double flat sheet, 

a lovely hankie,

an array of pillow cases...

and a sweet little tea towel...

Lastly I snapped up this lovely hanger - perfect to hang my new summer dress on! 

...oh happy days! 

When I got home I put together a delicious dinner made from leftovers (had completely forgotten about feeding the family during my shopping spree/car mending adventures) - all in all, I'm feeling just a little bit pleased with myself today! 

I hope you all had a productive day too. 


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  1. oh what lovely finds! I feel quite sure I know that first pattern very well. Perhaps my Mum had curtains from this. Anyway it feels very familiar. I wonder what you will create with them! I'm about to go out on a bit of thrifting myself. Have a good weekend, Heather x


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