Friday, 19 December 2014

Pushing myself to make things that I haven't got a clue how to!

Hello again! Yes three mini posts in one day!  I'm a like a bus! 

Last week I set about making an owl doorstop for a friends daughter.  I googled and looked on pinterest for a relatively easy tutorial.  I couldn't find one that I liked so I set about making my own pattern.  

I'm sure that there is proper pattern paper you can buy, but I got out my trusty greaseproof baking paper and started sketching!  

The front, back, wings and feet were easy, it was the side panel that was the trickiest bit to do.  I wanted the sides to taper in to a point near the top where the ears are located.  

It took me a while to get my head around this bit....and because I had to REALLY CONCENTRATE (!!) I didn't take a single photo of ANY of the steps I took.  All I have is one pic of the finished product!

So here she is!  Pretty isn't she?

I made the wings separately and attached them with a button.  

I almost didn't want to give her to my friend as I was so bloomin pleased with myself!

Reluctantly I did.

I have also designed and made two adorable appliquéd faces!  

I started by cutting out the hairdo's, 

 Gave her some cheeks and bows to keep her hair tidy, 

I then sewed on her hair, 

bows and cheeks...

...and finally hand sewed her eyes and mouth.

I think they are sweet!  I have yet to actually make them into cushion covers... I will show you all the final products when I get around to it.  

I also have a design for a little boy too, but he is still in my head...not yet a reality!

Once again I do love it that you faithfully read my blog, thank you and I wish you all a wonderful Friday.

Kids break up from school today!!!!!!!!!! No more early morning alarms for me for a while...well until Christmas day!

Have a good one.

Claire x

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  1. Even though I'm your Mum I just love reading your blog!


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