Thursday, 21 May 2015

FINSHED QUILTS - No, really, I have completed articles to show off!

Firstly may I say a big thank you to all the readers who have been visiting my blog even though I abandoned it for a few months.  

I make no excuses for my absence.....I just didn't have time to blog.  Okay Im going to make a few excuses; actually Im going to list them!

1. Got a new addition to the family - Charlie. 

She is lovely but SO energetic.  So she needs a good walk every morning.  I have been walking her on the beach daily - this completely wipes me out for the morning.  This is where we walk....nice aye?!

2.  It was Big B and Big G's birthdays....bit lame that excuse.....!

3. We had bathroom leaks, which resulted in kitchen ceiling leaks, which explained the MUSHROOMS growing out of the kitchen that took up quite a few weekends. 

4..... This one I'm very excited about.... I bagged myself a pitch at the newly opened Petticoat Lane Emporium in Ramsgate.  

It opened on 14th Feb and I got my pitch on the 11th April.  Very exciting as I was given 48 hours notice to get up and running.  Luckily, the ever patient and accommodating Mr J sprang into action and we had a pretty corner all ready for eager buyers!

Here are some pics of my pitch over the last month, they aren't in chronological order.

I added these last night!  I hope they are a big hit.

Anyway the reason I started this post was to show n tell two projects that I finally finished after months and YEARS in the making!  I kid you not...YEARS in the making.  Shame on me.

The first is this baby quilt, here is an upside down pic!

It is cot sized and it is for my nephew...It was his first birthday pressies... mum liked it a lot and so did my, frankly BEAUTIFUL nephew! When he saw it he squealed, laughed and ran around on top of it and then lay on it smiling!  

It is made from new and old fabric.  The most amazing bit about this quilt is the fact that I quilted it on my machine. Big achievement for me.  It isn't perfect, I'm sure some of the lines are wonky, but hey the overall effect is lovely.  The binding is a different story -to be honest its shockingly bad.  It was a mare to do and I swore a lot whilst sewing it on.  Hideous experience, one I won't be repeating, EVER AGAIN.

The other finished project is this one...any of you recognise this quilt?  

Yes it featured in my very first blogpost!

Should you wish, you can read about my quilting optimism here; and then my wavering optimism for ever finishing it here......!

It turned out okay in the end.  Because it was put together in only a way that I can manage, it was a pain to quilt; and finish.  The corners of this quilt are all different, some bulky, some 'sticky outy' - but Big G is happy with it, even if it didn't get completed during her primary school years; or for her 16th like I promised..,or her 17th!!!  

IT IS DONE - it no longer sits on my desk looking at me. 

 Because it was sitting on my desk (so that I wouldn't forget about it), Big G would use it, half finished, pinned together, as a blanket on the sofa!!!!!  Talk about making me feel guilty!  

I hope this post wasn't too waffly, mis -matched and weird.... I hope to be back soon guys, in the mean time enjoy the sun.  It is out today and it is glorious!

Claire x
Thank you for popping by. It is always lovely to hear your comments, they are read and cherished x
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